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Our certified arborists at Long Island NY Tree Service are proud to provide the highest quality care for trees in all of Long Island, NY including Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county. We are licensed and insured and more importantly take pride in our knowledge and expertise for the trees in our lovely Long Island region to provide the appropriate care for each situation. We are excited to take care of your plants and trees because they take care of us! From tree pruning and tree trimming, to stump grinding, to a full tree removal, we have over many years of experience to help safely provide an efficient and quality service. if you have a tree that may be infected, dying, or just in need of some upkeep, then contact Long Island NY Tree Service today for a FREE ESTIMATE at 516-550-0484.

Expert Cutting a Tree with chainsaw

Experienced and Professional Tree Experts in Long Island

We Take a Professional Approach – When we begin working together, our certified arborists really listen to your needs and keep them in mind throughout the project. Here we explain what we’ll be doing ahead of time and take the time to answer questions as they come up. Prompt responses that are friendly along with quick turnaround times whether you’re in Queens or as far as deep in Suffolk County, these are all part of the routine here. That is what makes us the best long island tree service.

Supremely Clean – We are conscious and respectful of your yard including all of the trees and plants inside it. As a result we do our best to not disturb them. We rake up our mess and leave no trace behind, leaving your yard as we found it, or even better. Whether we are hired to help with tree removal or something like stump grinding, you’ll be left with a clean yard.

Long-Term Relationship – Our certified arborists want to help you take care of your Long Island property and its health over the long run. This means we stay in touch, remind you of any stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or tree inspections you may need, offering things such as tree plantings and other tree services semi-annually.

Variety of Tree Care Services Throughout Long Island, NY

Tree Removal

Trees play a vital part in our life, but sometimes even they can become dangerous to us. There may come a time where tree removal is needed from your property because it contains a disease or the tree just simply turned old with time and needs to be removed. When that happens, Long Island NY Tree Services is here for you. It is essential to be safe and careful with downed trees after a storm or it could potentially damage your property or even worse, you getting hurt when not being careful. If at any point you find a diseased or damaged tree, our licensed and insured professionals are always here for you with tree removal services. We will make your life much easier by removing said tree because your safety is our top priority, whether you're in Queens, Nassau, or Suffolk County.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees on your property need to be trimmed and pruned in order to give it curb appeal. Within hours, we can turn unattractive trees surrounding your property into something of positive impact. Tree trimming isn’t just about sawing off branches and certain parts of the tree as cutting off the wrong limbs can really damage it. Tree pruning on the other hand is a necessary maintenance practice for improving the health of a tree. We have licensed and insured professionals to provide the best tree pruning and tree trimming services. Just give Long Island NY Tree Services a call or send us a photo of the tree you need services for and we can assess and come up with an estimate for you. We will keep your budget in mind as we aim to help our residents save as much money as possible.

Stump Grinding

At some point, you may have removed a tree somewhere on your Long Island property and the stump still existed but it never bothered you because it was just an eyesore. What you might not know is that it actually needs to be grinded or removed because overtime, overgrowth will hide the stump. When this occurs, it is a disaster waiting to happen and a hazard capable of hurting an unsuspecting individual or even breaking lawn mower blades. Stump grinding and removal will help improve your property safety and even make it look more appealing. Hire licensed and insured Long Island NY Tree Services professionals to take care of your tree stump problems or at least call for a free estimate. All of our arborists have years of professional experience in taking care of your stump grinding and removal services.

Storm Damage Removal

Nature will take its course when it decides to and work on its own schedule. No one knows when a storm will appear and what damage it may cause your property. But if you notice your property has an old tree that looks like it is about to collapse (especially near power lines), you should call our licensed and insured Long Island NY Tree Service professionals immediately and inform us about it before the storm. You can’t predict the damage a storm can cause your property but you can take precautionary measures to minimize any damages that are in your control. We aim to help our residents save money and will work with you to come up with a viable solution to your problem. It’s better to inform us before a disaster occurs so that you can get rid of anything that could potentially harm your property when a storm hits.

Emergency Services

Tree emergencies can happen at any time, especially in Nassau and Suffolk and especially for fallen trees. Nature doesn’t have a schedule and it definitely does not follow ours. If you see a tree in your area that is about to collapse or has already collapsed, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate as we will be available for you in minutes. No matter how complicated the situation is, our arborists are prepared and ready to tackle it. Never try to handle a tree situation on your own because it can be dangerous and you may even get hurt when attempting. Leave it to our licensed and insured professionals to handle it because not only will they know what to do, but they will have the appropriate tools in taking care of the situation. We will assess what’s going on and assist you in the best possible way.

Land Clearing and Grading

Building a home or a commercial building first involves land clearing and grading of the property before construction is even allowed to begin. With such an exciting project, land clearing and grading will rid all the shrubs and trees that would typically get in the way of construction so the home or building can be built exactly the way you want it. We at Long Island NY Tree Services will provide the removal of any shrubs or trees grown on the property, level the ground properly for better construction, and keep power lines in mind. Land clearing will also prevent any future problems that may arise below the building construction. So be sure to give us a call before you begin your new project and we will work with you to come up with the appropriate solution.

Why Choose Long Island NY Tree Service?

Ask any Long Island resident stuck with a rake and some leaves will tell you, trees are both amazing and wonderful coupled with being dreadfully painful to live with due to the maintenance they require and tree care needed. This is exactly why many turn to a professional and qualified tree service in Long Island, NY, one that is licensed and insured in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county. From grooming trees that require some tree pruning and tree trimming to tree removal in cases where there is infection or stump grinding – we do it all with efficiency and good customer satisfaction. We’re here to serve you for all of your Long Island tree service needs. 

Aside from the fact that we are fully qualified, experienced, licensed and insured in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county:

  • We’re affordably priced. We only charge for the work that is done and nothing else!
  • We’re bonded, licensed and insured meaning that you’re protected from any liability should an accident occur. (We also train our crew with strict safety guidelines and provide them with the appropriate protective equipment).
  • We’re skilled and experienced. Trees can sometimes pose simple and rather undetectable issues to some homes. If a tree grows too close to a home its roots may compromise the integrity of the structure and lead to damages or failure at various points. Removing said tree can also be tricky – but not for experienced Long Island tree removal experts like us. We bring years of satisfied customers worth of experience to the table. 

Our Tree Service Areas

At Long Island NY Tree Service, it’s our responsibility to help take care of your tree care needs. Our tree service extends to all of Long Island including Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county and all of the cities/towns within them.

Call today to schedule your free consultation, free onsite assessment, or free estimate! We’re here to meet your tree service needs!

Tree Service Testimonials from Long Island Customers

Long Island NY Tree Service provided a highly knowledgeable and skilled service with good old fashioned manners and customer focus. It was a pleasure to deal with them. One of the best in Suffolk County!