Maintenance Tips Every Tree Owner Should Know

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Every tree owner wants to maintain a healthy tree that can stand its ground in times of extreme climatic changes.

Every tree owner wants to maintain a healthy tree that can stand its ground in times of extreme climatic changes. Nurturing a plant over many years is almost like nurturing a baby, as it requires an equal amount of care. After years of care it turns into a stunning, full grown tree that provides beautiful blooms and lots of shade. While a lot of these trees and plants tend to take care of themselves, they still need some maintenance for their health and well-being. There are some basic things every tree owner should be aware of that could help them out periodically. We have made a list of some tips that might help you maintain your trees or reach out to LINY Tree Service for help on tree trimming and pruning Long Island, NY.       

Tree Staking

Staking trees is never a permanent addition to any plant, whether new or transplanted. It is done to give the growing stem and leaves some solid support before the roots can become strong enough to hold its own weight. In the case of slow growing trees, staking is used to provide trees with some artificial support. This enables the tree to divert its resources to the overall growth of leaves and branches. The usefulness of tree staking really depends on different plants and their inherent growing capabilities. It can be determined by either an experienced gardener or an arborist. While the rule of thumb says that the height of the stake is to be maintained at 1/3rd of its’ height, the exact height is not as important as the staking system itself.

Watering your plants

While growing young plants might need frequent misting, well established trees need periodic soaking rather than regular misting. Once a tree matures, they will be able to thrive in their soil conditions. However, when severely affected with drought over a long period of time, they might die due to lack of water. In such cases, it becomes very important to ensure the overall health of these trees and plants well in advance so that they’re ready before drought sets in.

Regular check-ups

Just like us, our plants need periodic check-ups to maintain their health too. This is especially important to spot any infestations, diseases, rotting and strength of the trees. Different plants need varied degrees of care and can be sensitive to different things. LINY Tree Service are expert service providers who look for any red flags such as holes, discolored leaves, frail growth, and much more. Make an appointment with LINY Tree Service to know more about how often the plants you’re growing need to be checked and how we can help you in doing so. 


In layman language, mulching is a process where a thin layer of different materials are placed on the top most layer of soil. It is typically simple organic material that is put on top to protect the roots from extreme conditions like heat, droughts and cold. Not only this but when the organic material decomposes, it makes the soil more nutrient rich and helps facilitate growth. When you plant a new tree or shrub, it becomes imperative to mulch around to give it a stable growth environment. Mulch should be placed away from the trunk of the tree and instead around the trunk or stem in the form of a donut.

Things to look for in determining a good mulch:

  • Semi-textured mulch might work the best as it tends to lock down the moisture rather than coarse textured mulch which might be too porous to hold any water
  • While a lot of different varieties of mulch are available, always opt for the organic one. It is more nutrient dense and will only complement the soil
  • Understanding your plant is the most important tip anyone can give you. Every plant needs something different and similarly all plants cannot thrive with the same mulch

Bark of the tree

The branch and trunk, which are the outermost layer of the tree are like its protective skin. It is like the plants’ knight in shining armor that protects the plants from extreme temperatures, diseases, and insects. If this armor is damaged, it can be easily infected with bacteria, diseases and fungus. Some of the sources of major damage include the rubbing of branches against each other, damage with improper use of lawn equipment, parking vehicles very close to the tree and so forth. 

Right Place at the right time

Planting a tree is no rocket science. But the amount of effort you are willing to put into planting it at the beginning can make all the difference. If well thought steps are not taken in the start, it can struggle to reach its full capacity for years and in many cases even die quickly. One of the major mistakes LINY Tree Service has seen over the years has been planting the roots very deeply into the ground. While it might not seem like an obvious mistake at the start, the result can be easily seen in declining root health. This ultimately leads to substandard growth of the tree. Other things to ensure can be planting it where it can receive full sunlight and has enough space to grow into a full blown canopy. Plant it away from the power lines and other underground lines that can severely hamper its growth.


While mature trees seldom need pruning, the younger trees might require a little more looking after. Pruning helps improve their overall structure by cutting out any dead branches that might be holding them back. The dormant season for example, winters, are a great time to prune trees. This way, all the dead weight can be gotten rid off before the spring season sets in. The new branches then have sufficient bandwidth to grow and prosper. Pay attention to the overall structure of the tree to maintain balance of branches. This process might feel overwhelming to new gardeners and it is best to get expert help in such cases to avoid damage to branches and tree trunks. LINY Tree Service understands your tree needs and can provide appropriate pruning services that facilitate its growth.

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