Spruce Up Your Small Garden Space by Following These Simple and Effective Tips

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Well maintained garden with tree

Sprucing up a garden is always fun. It can be transformed into something completely zen like which can become your favorite spot in the whole house, complete with cozy corners and gorgeous flowers. However, when you have a smaller garden area to work with, it’s more important to come up with creative ideas that can turn the space into an elegant outdoor set up. If you are on the lookout for such ideas, you don’t look any further. We have brainstormed and put on our thinking caps for you to come up with some great ideas that will completely transform your garden space into a dream space. You can thank us later or give LINY Tree Service a call today if you need or want any professional help.

Fun Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Small gardens can bring with them many advantages like lower costs and time in maintenance, more intimacy and better control on the plant growth and landscaping. Just make small, out of the box additions and your space will look trendier than it ever has. We have listed a few methods that will help turn your garden dreams into reality regardless of the size and dimension. 

Layer It Up

One of the easiest ways to beautify your small garden space is creating multiple layers, just like you see in the wild. Imagine low lying grasses, ferns, and shrubs, which are then layered up to tall and mighty trees. This can be done by having the smaller, shrub-like plants at the bottom and adding a raised lawn with potted plants and wall plants on the top. Arrange some small chairs amidst these shrubs and you have yourself a perfect spot for afternoon teas.

Use Pops of Colors

This can prove to be a very crucial and effective tip in landscaping a smaller space. Placing the bolder, brighter and fresher colored plants right in front of the home makes them an immediate crowd pleaser. These colors will catch your attention and the rest of the garden will be rather receded, thus making it look larger than it really is. One way in which you can do this is by adding different flowers or multi colored plants to your garden.

Add Vertical Features to the Garden

When your garden space is small, you want to make sure you are using every nook of it effectively and elegantly. Adding vertical features to your garden will help your garden look bigger and brighter while still adding a touch of specialness to it. Espaliering is one such trick that might look complicated but is actually quite simple and beautiful. You can also use layered pot stands that have a few pots divided into multiple horizontal rows, all hanging from the mainframe of the stand. This will give your garden a lovely feel without eating a lot of space.

Zone Your Layout

Zoning an outdoor space can create an illusion of a bigger, brighter, and fuller yard. Add a rustic rug with some cushiony small chairs in front of tall big leaved plants. The idea of a clear demarcation between two areas will make it feel grander than usual.

Hang Your Plants

Maximize your space utility with small DIY plants that hang from the ceiling. The pots for the same can be made from recyclable plastic bottles or small cans. Plant some colorful, contrasting flowers and if you’re feeling a little extra, throw in some fairy lights and call it a day.  

Window Boxes

A rather traditional way of effectively utilizing your garden space is by using window boxes. You can attach them to your window but another small yard idea includes placing them around the perimeter of the garden.

The Mirroring Effects

A common technique that has been used by interior decorators for years can also be used for your garden set up. Having reflective mirrors around the perimeter of the garden and placing plants against them in layers can truly magnify the look and size of the garden by multiple folds.

Shelve it All The Way

Potted herbs on long shelves is a fantastic way to utilize the outdoor space. Paint the shelves in rustic fun colors and even add some patterned designs if you’d like.

Which Plants Should You Be Using?

How beautiful your garden remains is directly related to how well the plants in your garden are nurtured. Some plants require extra care while some remain stealthy without a lot of attention. Thus, it is important to consider the inherent characteristics of a plant, the maintenance, and climate before investing in them.

Dwarf Plants

Cultivators have recently been introducing new and renewed methods to come up with cross breeds that will fit into smaller spaces. A new variety of pine can be grown anywhere from 1 foot to 80 feet, as per requirement. These plants tend to really enhance the space they reside in without hogging up too much surface area.

Columnar Plants

Columnar plants grow straight up thus providing more light to the plants below and more room on both sides. This helps breed more variety of plants and free up space for adding more dimensions to the garden.

Trailing Plants 

This is another brilliant shape that will help bring out the best of your small garden area. Let these run down the side of your walls or from the top of your windows, either way, these plants add a nice texture to every garden.

Lawn Substitutes

If your open space is rather small and you don’t want to go through the hassle of mowing and maintaining, you can opt for lawn substitutes. It opens up any space and gives a garden like feel, which is always welcomed by homeowners.

Bonsai and Miniature Gardens

Although generally suitable as indoors plants, miniature garden plants like bonsai, terrariums, and fairy gardens can be used in a garden space provided they are not directly exposed to sunlight.  

Plants for Smaller, Narrower Spots

The smaller perforations around the narrower strips of the garden can be especially tricky to beautify. One of the ideas that work effortlessly is planting some vining groundcovers that elaborately cover the spots. Where there is more sunlight, succulents are a great option. Ivy works magically in shady areas as they are low maintenance.

Crevice Plantation

While the crevices are one of the most ignored parts of all gardens, they can actually be used very well if embraced with an open mind. A green dome of tight foliage, rosettes, rock roses, thymes, tiny little daisies, Moroccan valerians, lime green froth are just a few examples of how wonderfully the crevice space can be utilized.

Plant Some Trees

Planting trees can be very tricky in smaller gardens. If the right tree is not planted, it can end up making the garden look dull and shady. Luckily, today there are umpteen choices making the process easier. To pick the perfect option, measure how much space you have in your garden. Then, from the many varieties of trees, pick an ornamental tree which suits your garden. An ornamental tree often grows slower and is rather more timid than other types of trees, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Some varieties that we suggest would be Summersweet Clethra, Flowering Dogwood, Stewartia (Pseudocamillio), Edgeworthia, Maidenhair Fern, Cornus Florida, and Joe Pye Weed. However, these can differ based on the space you have as well as the climatic conditions of the place you live. 


We hope that you now have some creative ideas that will help transform your garden into something beautiful and help bring your vision into a reality.

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